Oregon 510A Bench Chain Grinder Review

Oregon 510A Bench Chain Grinder

Oregon 510A Bench Chain Grinder

As far as chain sharpeners go, the Oregon 510A Bench Chain Grinder is an upscale professional tool. Anything other than professional use is well let’s face it, overkill. This is a heavy duty bench mounted unit that will work extremely well once set up correctly. Sharpening with this tool is fast and precise. Again it is a tool most suited for large scale use. This sharpening tool is probably a little excessive for the home user who would be better advised to consider a more economical alternative.

At a price tag ranging between $281.24 and $562.21 this is not your do it yourselfer tool. Well it could be if you are extremely hard on your chains. However if you consider the significant price fluctuation ($280), you would be well advised to shop around to save as much as possible of your hard earned money. If the local hardware mega stores don’t have it, try shopping around online. Look for someone who will provide free shipping.

In terms of portability the Oregon Bench Chain Grinder is a large cumbersome bench mounted tool. It weighs in at approximately 18lbs. You would not be using this sharpener on a remote job site with no bench or power source. Since initial setup is crucial with the Oregon Grinder, it would not be advisable to move it around too often.

This chain saw sharpener does an excellent job at restoring your dull chain to operate as it was designed too. With a powerful motor you can be assured of consistency and an even power distribution. You will need to set the machine up according to the factory specification of your chain manufacturer. One you have this setting dialed in you will find that the Oregon will work quickly and efficiently. Remember, an efficient well sharpened chain will require less stress on your saw and as a consequence it will be much easier and safer to use.

Users have complained that the set up instructions are incredibly difficult to understand. For the price, it would be a nice touch if Oregon would include an instructional CD. A temporary solution would be to run a YouTube search.  The sharpener must be adjusted to accommodate the different chain specifications. When all is said and done and this machine is set up correctly, and adjusted according to a chain manufacturer factory specification, the Oregon Bench Chain grinder does a great job and is simple to use.

Oregon’s chain grinder is an expensive device. Shop around a little before you make a commitment. This is a professional grade tool, ideal for any shop and perhaps a little excessive for the occasional home user. If you are going to sharpen the occasional chain many cheaper alternatives are out there and you would be well advised to do a little research. To conclude, Oregon makes a good quality device that once set-up and has been mastered will function efficiently and rapidly. A professional should definitely consider this device.

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Oregon 510A Bench Chain Grinder

Oregon 510A Bench Chain Grinder




    • - Perfect for professionals
    • - Fast and Precise
    • - High Quality


    • - Requires good setup
    • - Instruction Manual hard to understand
    • - Pricey

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