Grandberg Bar-Mount Saw Sharpener (Model G-106B) Review

Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener

Grandberg Bar-Mount Saw Sharpener

In an era of newer, faster, stronger it is refreshing to know that the Grandberg Bar Mounted Sharpener is a 50 year old design. Designed by Elof Grandberg over a half century ago this is one of the cheaper sharpeners on the market at only 33 dollars. This tool gives its user the freedom of not needing a power source for operation. Being a non electric device it is also extremely practical to transport and use in any location. At first, usage might seem complex but once mastered you will get a genuine smooth and precise performance.

Basic internet searches price Grandberg between $25.00 and $33.00. This positions it as one of the cheapest sharpeners on the market. It is priced below its non-electric competitors and priced way below its electric counterparts. Rest assured you will not break the bank by purchasing this classic sharpener.

This is definitely not a heavy device. Our Grandberg weighs in at only 2.0lbs making it easy to carry along to your next job or household project. Another advantage to its Spartan design is that it is a cordless non electric device making it safely usable wherever visibility is on your side. You probably wouldn’t want to sharpen your chainsaw in a dark cave anyways. 

The Grandberg sharpener may not be a masterpiece of esthetic genius but it is pretty efficient. Users describe the efficiency as being smooth, precise and fast. However it cannot be stressed enough, proper usage and knowledge on how to adjust your sharpener are essential to have the Grandberg perform as it was designed to. After all a sharp well functioning chainsaw is a safe saw in the right hands.

Users will sometimes complain that the instructions and documentation are far from clear.  If you are having problems setting up your Grandberg it is suggested that you run a quick YouTube search for step by step instructions. Is there anything that we can’t learn from YouTube videos? Regardless of where you go to learn how to use your sharpener there will definitely be a learning curve that you will have to go through. It is important that proper usage be respected because there have been several complaints of parts breaking and weaknesses in the cast. Once you have mastered how to use your Grandberg Sharpener you will find that it works extremely well considering its older design.

If you are looking for an honest, no frills, classic chainsaw sharpener, the Grandberg Bar-Mount sharpener is one you should seriously consider. At a significantly lower price than its counterparts you may find yourself tempted to give the Grandberg a try. Although it may take a little time getting used to you will find that it performs quite well. Much like straight blade shaving, it may take some time getting used to but the results are great and going through the ceremony is fantastic. A great option for the home user.

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Grandberg Bar-Mount Saw Sharpener

Grandberg Bar-Mount Saw Sharpener




    • - Portable
    • - Lightweight
    • - 50 year old design
    • - Affordable
    • - Smooth, Precise and Fast


    • - Hard to use at first

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